Si Pitung’s House

The Si Pitung house building or also called "Rumah Tinggi Marunda" is located in the Pulo area, Marunda Village, Cilincing District, North Jakarta. Although it is known to the public as the home of Si Pitung, a legendary martial arts hero but the house turned out to be not his own house but a house belonging to the businessman "Sero" named Haji Syafiuddin. According to the story of the local community, Si Pitung once robbed the house so that finally the house was later called by the local community as the home of the Pitung.

The building is dominated by wooden skeletons supported by 40 wooden pillars and has 10 sets of shutters, 4 sets of doors, 2 stairs, namely from the front and back and on wooden floors. The architecture is Bugis style and refers to the shape of the Phinisi boat. The shape of a house like this is a cultural characteristic of the coastal community in building a house in the form of a stage to avoid the possibility of the arrival of large waves that roll over the edges.