Mahmud Badaruddin Ii, Sultan

A National Hero who was born in Palembang in 1767. He was crowned the Sultan of the Palembang Kingdom in 1803. He worked together with the English to free Palembang from Dutch control and managed to survive the battle in Sungai Aur on 14 September 1811. During the same month, England seized Indonesia from the Dutch, but Badaruddin did not want to recognize the power of England over Palembang. England imposed its will by military force. In March 1812, Palembang was occupied and evacuated to Muara Rawas. According to the London Convention in 1814, the English gave power back to the Dutch. He was re-crowned as the sultan, but in rural areas, the people opposed the Dutch coming back to rule. The Dutch accused Badaruddin II for being responsible for the unrest.

In June 1819, the Dutch army tried to seize the palace, but they failed. Sultan Badaruddin II was invited to negotiate, but he declined. In 1821, the Dutch came with a larger army led by Major General Marcus de Knock. War broke out once again. The Dutch successfully seized Benteng Kembar and Plaju. With this, the road to Palembang was open. De Knock gave an ultimatum to Badaruddin to surrender, but the Sultan did not respond well so the Dutch launched a massive attack. On 1 July 1821, the palace was occupied and Badaruddin II was captured. The Dutch government exiled him to Ternate and this is where he passed away on 26 November 1852. To commemorate his services, his name has been immortalized as a name of a street located in Margamulya, Central Jakarta.