Madura, Rumah

A type of residence in Menteng, Jakarta. Madura homes among others can be found on Jl. Moh. Yamin, Jl. S.Syahrir, and Jl. Teuku Umar. This type of home is quite large in size, vast and comfortable. There are many large rooms, and the layout has more variation. In general, there are two bedrooms with doors facing the family room and dining room on one side; the front has a wide living room. The toilets, maid’s rooms and kitchen are located at the back of the house on one side of a large garden. In several homes, the back area consists of an extended home that connects to the bijgebouwen of the neighbor’s home. However, the main buildings are still separate.

There is a wide terrace in the front bordered by a low stone-layered wall or other types of stone. Some terraces do not have roofs in the front. The roof is a part of the main building’s roof, which as a whole is shield-shaped or an extension if installed later on. The area and layout of rooms underneath is the reason for the large ‘Madura’ home roof and developed in several areas according to needs. The pavilion is in the large garden with separate facilities, which is located across a row of rooms behind the main house. The roof is a basic shape of a shield slanted at 450. The roof is large in size because the house is also large in size, and it has air cushions that really help to cool the area below.