Lenong Preman

One of Lenong Betawi (Betawi Comedy) shows that is the opposite of Lenong Denes, is Lenong Preman. It narrates the lives of daily households. It is also often known as Lenong Jago, because the stories it tells is generally about fighters, landowners, such as: Si Pitung, Mirah dari Marunda [Mirah from Marunda] or Pandekar Sambuk Wasiat. Stories about heroes and criminals become the main theme of this Lenong comedy shows.

Lenong Premanuses Betawi language in its performances, so that communications between performers and audience are close. Dialogues in the comedy is generally simple and spontaneous, thus, it appears rough, rude and even dirty. This is due to the stories that are about everyday lives, costumes/clothes that are worn are also daily clothes. Lenong Preman performs many fight and action scenes. Many Lenong performers are also good in martial arts. The martial art that they are good at is Beksi [traditional martial arts]. All performers can improvise in their skits, as a result, throughout the performance, it is full of humors.

In its performances, they use around one meter high stage with decorations of houses and city views. The language that is used is of Betawi dialect, clothes are adjusted according to story lines. Fighters are usually depicted by wearing koko and pangsi  [traditional shirt and pants], t-shirt, and setangan (headbands).