Lenong Dines

One of Lenong [Betawi comedy] shows that narrates about royal stories in its performances, such as, Cerita Indra Bangsawan [The Story of Count Indra], Jula-Juli Bintang Tujuh[Juli-Juli Seven Stars], along with stories that are taken from 1001 nights. Lenong Dinescan be likened with noble theatres, because it performs noble stories. Costumes that are worn by its characters are very glamorous, just like kings, nobles, princes, princesses and commanders. The word denes(official) becomes attached to the stories and costumes, for the purpose of determining people of high positions, ranked or officers.

The language used in the performances of Lenong Dines is formal Malay, where they use words such as, your servant, father, mother, he/she, my sovereign lord, thereupon, come to worship, etc. Majority of dialogues are sung. With royal narratives and with formal Malay, the performers are not able to conduct their humorous acts freely. For the performance to be humorous, they present female and male servants who are speaking in Betawi [informal]. Fighting scenes in Lenong Sines are generally not in martial arts, but boxing, wrestles and sword fighting. Lenong Dines is usually performed on a stage sized 5x7 m. The background music is Gambang Kromong [traditional Betawi music] and for the fighting scenes the music background is complemented with drums.

In its performances, with the 5x7 m stage that is divided into two, half for performers to dress up, and the other half used to perform. The music instruments are placed above the stage on the left and right sides. Decorations are also used for the performances. Costumes that are worn by the performers are adjusted to story lines that are performed. Before the performances, it is preceded with a ceremony by providing offering along with incense or joss sticks.