Lampu Cohen

A type of light or lamp made of tin that is usually placed in front of the Betawi Mask arena. In the past, Cohen Lamps were placed in the middle of the arena and when the dance was about to end in the Kembang Mask show, the dancers would encircle the Cohen Lamp in the middle of this arena. Surrounding the Cohen Lamp was a custom in ending one act or a part of the Betawi Mask performance.  

This lamp had a tin container to store the oil, and from this container stuck out three tubes. At the end, fire would light up. This tin lamp with three sticks was supported by one pole, usually made of bamboo with a height of less than one meter. Each stick was not lit at the same time. The first stick would be lit when the show was about to start. The second would be lit when the gamelan was struck and the third would be lit when the Kembang Mask troop began to dance. Nowadays, the Cohen Lamp is only a symbol that does not get lit any more. Back then, the Cohen Lamp was used as lighting for the arena and the performers. However, its function has been replaced by electricity.