Pln Building In Gambir

The historic building owned by PT. PLN (State Electricity Company) is located on Jl. Muhammad Ikhwan Ridwan Rais No. 1 Gambir District, Central Jakarta. The community knows this building as the PLN Gambir office. This building was built by a private Dutch company engaged in the electricity and gas business in Batavia, namely Nederladsch Indie Gas Maatschappij (NV. NIGM) for their offices around 1897. The architectural style used is a blend of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Art & Craft.

This building has three floors, where on the third floor is access to the tower. Roofs of tile, windows from glass and around buildings are decorated with colorful lights. At the front of the tower is attached the PLN logo and around the building decorated with glass windows which are closed by wooden curtains. Wood and brick walls are quite dominant in this building.

The Gambir PLN Building is currently well maintained and functioned for meetings and other PLN internal activities. In the back of this historic building a more modern PLN office building was built.