Uang Sembah

Also called an offering of homage or a sign of separating. One of the phases of various wedding processions in Betawi in general and in Kemayoran in particular. The parents of the groom deliver homage money, two fruit baskets with a split rattan ring accompanied by relatives to the home of the bride as a sign of separation. This means that the daughter in law to be is committed and can no longer be disturbed by other parties even though the separation is done long before the Wedding Ceremony. 

In general, this agreement is valid for some time until the wedding ceremony. It is usually done after the proposal, exactly a week after. During this event, matters relevant to the wedding are discussed such as the dowry or the demanded dowry, how much money is needed for the wedding reception, gifts asked for, gifts for the unmarried older sister if any, how long the party should go on, clothes to be worn and how many people to invite.  

After discussing these matters, including the gold, from the groom’s family to the bride’s family, then on a certain day, about three days before the wedding, the groom to be will be brought by a family member to the house of his future in-laws to give the money to the bride to be herself. This is called “uang sembah”. There is no exact amount to be given. It depends on the young man himself.  

The intention and purpose of this “uang sembah” is possibly for an introduction to the relationship between the young man and woman who will be come his future wife. Another possible reason is because the woman will need to “adore” her future husband later on their wedding day. Because of this, her heart needs to be “offered” with this “uang sembah”.