Salakanagara, Kerajaan

The first kingdom in Java built by Aki Tirem in 130 M. The first king was Dewawarman, a knowledgeable person from India, the brother in law of Aki Tirem who married Larasati. In the beginning, this kingdom was often robbed by groups of 100 pirates.

This kingdom was possibly named Salakanagara because of its relation to the belief system of the people at the time who thought that the mountain had extremely powerful spiritual forces. There was a mountain near Leuwiliang, where pots were made, that often reflected silvery colours (when the sun was shining brightly), which is why this mountain was named Salak Mountain. The existence of Salakanagara Kingdom has also been mentioned by Chinese sources. It was stated that in 123 M, Tiao Pien the king of Ye Tiau sent emissaries to China during the Han Dynasty. Ye Tiau was interpreted as Java and Tiau Pien as Dewawarman. Though the kings of Salakanagara were Hindu, the people held on to their ancestral beliefs.

Salakanagara kingdom lasted until 233 M. Dewawarman I was replaced by his son Dewawarman II and so on until Dewawarman VIII. In 363 M, Salakanagara kingdom ended when it was ruled by Dewawarman VIII, who was in power since 340 M. Then Salakanagara became a “subordinate kingdom” under the rule of Tarumanagara when Dewawarman IX was in power. At the moment, Salakanagara kingdom is possibly located in Condet (Ci-ondet).