Kalilah Dan Dimnah, Hikayat

One of the Betawi literary texts adapted from Classical Malay literature that contains a framed story (story within a story). In Indonesia there are three literary works that are framed stories, namely Hikayat Bayan Budiman, Hikayat Bakhtiar and Hikayat Kalilah and Dimnah. This tale actually originates from Indian literature, in Sanskrit it is called Pancatantra. The source was not found except for a close version namely Tantrakhayika. This last source was then translated by many people in the Arab world, one of which was Kalilah wa Dimnah by Abdullah ibn al-Muqaffa from the Siria Kalilag wa Damanag version. In Indonesia there are four versions of the framed story, namely Hakikat Kalila and Damina, Hikayat Panjatanderan, Dalang or Segala Cerita and Dongeng by Hakim Lokhman and Bidpai, and Hikayat Kalilah and Dimnah. This tale contains a collection of animal or human stories that is told as a story within a story contains a moral message or teaching for the youth. One of the Malay versions has been repeatedly printed by the Balai Pustaka (Central Library).