Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (gkj)

Initially, it was named Scouwburg (See its complete history in Scouwburg), then it changed names several times, before finally being restored and activated as a performing arts building on 5 September 1987, and named the Jakarta Arts Building. GKJ is relied upon to fulfill the need for a venue for performing arts that is entirely different from existing performance arenas. This difference is mainly in the selection of performance materials and its style. In these terms, TIM is specifically for contemporary art and TMII displays traditional art. GKJ is the arena for selected shows that does not present performances with entertainment elements, popular performances, despite all-around sparkling performances, but qualitatively cannot be sustained as straightforward artistic and philosophical expression. For the performances of work, manuscripts or repertoires sourced from foreign works or productions from overseas, the quality of standards are the same. To stage a piece of work by an artist, there also must be support from a stage crew that is able to understand and master technique and art.


GKJ is a stage that meets international art stage standards. To support its existence, many art events have been held, both incidental and routine in the form of festivals. The two most monumental ones are Art Summit Indonesia, which is an event every three years, which has been held since 1995. Prior to this, the Jakarta International Festival of the Performing Art has been held since 1990. Both these festivals are taken as a form of concern from GKJ to the Jakarta performing art public as a metropolitan city, which requires a communications forum, art and culture dialog arena between nations in an artistic and intellectual manner. These events are considered to provide opportunities to create meaningful momentum, and carries prestige among the community and nation on the global social stage. In addition, there is also the opportunity to directly compare the work of the pride of Indonesia to the work of international artists.