Cilincing, Rumah

Cilincing lies to the east of the Tanjung Priok Ocean Port. The name Cilincing derives from the name of a tributary that flows from south to north, dividing this region. The complete name of Cilincing could have come from Ci Calincing. The word ci is Sundanese meaning river. Calincing is the name of a tree, similar to Averhrhoa Carambola L. starfruit, which is part of the Oxalideae family.

Even though it is located quite far for the size of three centuries ago, there were apparently two villas, the first was resting home in landhuis Cilincing built by Justinus Vinck in 1740 and still can be seen until today, even though its condition is not very pleasant. Today, this building is inhabited by several retired police officers, and is known as Rumah Veteran. The second was landhuis Vredestein built by the former Governor of the North Coast of Java, Nicolaas Hartingh, in 1750. Today, nothing remains of it.