Cililitan Besar, Rumah

An old house of left by the Dutch located in Cililitan, East Jakarta. You can reach it by heading towards Cililitan, down the road to Bogor, turn left after Kramat Jati Market and enter Jl. Rumah sakit Polri. If you follow this road until the end, you can see Polri Hospital on the right side and next to it, there is a large old home called Lebak Sirih or Cililitan Besar: This structure was built in 1775 by Hendrik Laurens van der Crap who was wealthy. This Cililitan home has a Dutch-Javanese style: the interior looks more like a Dutch home, whereas the exterior looks like a Javanese home. This structure has been included in the list of protected monuments.   

Cililitan Besar  shows several unique traits such as: the open porch is four-sided, the first floor is at the same level as the ground, which is very rare in a tropical climate where any type of animal may go into the house through doors that are usually opened. The roof is pyramid shaped that breaks and indents on the surface to block out sunlight from entering the second floor. Part of the roof is supported by new pillars and another part is supported by wooden pillars. There is a new staircase on the porch outside heading towards the second floor with three curved holes underneath to get into the ground floor. The condition of the house is very bad even though it can easily be renovated. Therefore, it is hard to imagine that a landlord family used to live here before. Since before World War II until today, this building has been used as a police dormitory.