Cilandak, Kecamatan

Part of the South Jakarta Municipality Territory with a land area of 1,820 ha. According to the 2004 statistical data, the land allotment consists of 14,13 ha of residential areas, 0.27 ha of industrial areas, 1,21 ha of offices and warehouses, 0.02 ha of parks, 0.04 ha of agricultural land; 0 idle land and 1,7 ha of Waserda. Administratively, it consists of 5 villages, 45 community associations, 470 neighborhoods, 36,571 family cards.
Cilandak Sub-district consists of:

(a) Gandaria Selatan Village (177 ha)
(b) Cipete Selatan Village (244 ha)
(c) Cilandak Barat Village (608 ha)
(d) Pondok Labu Village (391 ha)
(e) Lebak Bulus Village (411 ha)