It was a rice producing area, the granary of Jakarta. It has a reservoir and was the best    irrigation in the area, in Welahar, the estuary of Citarum River. During the Revolution Cikampek had a major role in the struggle. Moeffreni, the commander of the TKR of Cikampek area submitted a  proposal to the government to make rice prices affordable to the people. Moeffreni also instructed some of his  staff to go to the central station in Jakarta to ask for a locomotive and gates that were widely available to be drawn into Cikampek, resulting in the fact that there were many locomotives in Cikampek and Karawang .


For the TKR Intelligence forces, the assignment of Cikampek Regimental V to fight in Jakarta, there was also another task to carry out and it was to secretly find, collect and send firearms to Regiment V Headquarters in Cikampek. Any findings of firearms or ammunition, before being sent to Cikampek, were first collected and hidden in the home of Aboe Tajeb. Because the rear floor of the house was made of boards, the findings were kept under the board. If circumstances had allowed, the arms were shipped to Cikampek by train.