Cik Di Tiro, Tengku

A national hero, whose real name is Muhammad Saman, born in 1836 in Cumbok Lamlo, Tiro area, in Pidie. Since childhood, he was used to living in moslem boarding school and hang out with the students. After studying theology with several well-known scholars in Aceh, he perform Hajj pilgrimage and deepened the science of religion in Mecca. After that he became a teacher of religion in Tiro.


Raised up at the time Dutch- Aceh relationship was getting worse. In 1873 the Company began to fight Aceh  to conquer the kingdom of Aceh and placed it under the authority of the Netherlands. The first troops were driven back. Its commander, Major General JHR Kohler, was killed in battle. Subsequently, the Company sent a larger and stronger army. Gradually Aceh fighters were cornered. Aceh Besar area fell into the hands of the Company and the power of Aceh began to weaken. At the time, she emerged to lead the war and formed the Sabil Armed Forces with assistance from commander group. The Sultan of Aceh believed her as war leader, and her struggle was based on religion and nationality.


In the attack that was launched in May 1881, Dutch fort in Indrapuri was captured from its troops. Later Lambaro, Ancuk Galang and other forts also fell. The Dutch were increasingly cornered and they just tried to survive in a castle in Banda Aceh. However, she even deployed troops into the fortress to commit sabotage. Breuh island was also under attack, from which she intended to seize Banda Aceh. Company was so overwhelmed and they could only have a control over no bigger than four square kilometers of Aceh region.


The Dutch realized that the source of the spirit of Aceh then, was Teungku Cik Di Tiro, and therefore the Company intended to kill him. They managed to persuade someone who was willing to cooperate and this person appointed the Head of Sagi. Then, the man asked a woman to put poison in the food and gave to Cik di Tiro. Consequently Cik di Tiro fell ill and died in Ancuk Galang castle on January 1891. In Jakarta his name has been immortalized as the name of the street, located in Menteng, replacing the name of  Mampangweg