Derived from the name  a tributary of  Ciliwung River whose estuary was in Areman, near Kelapadua now. In the mid-seventeenth century the region was already inhabited, as reported by Captain Frederick H. Muller, who led the first expedition of Company troops roaming the southern area of Meester Cornelis, whose forests had been opened the previous year by Camelis Senen. The said Muller expedition was carried out because of rumors about Mataram gangs in rural areas, as well as roads that were usually used by Banten people to Priangan, through Muaraberes, on the banks of Ciliwung river.

Captain Muller trip from Batavia castle to Cijantung began on 4 November 1657; he was accompanied by his forces comprising of 14 white soldiers and 15 Mardljkers, guided by 10 indigenous people. After walking for three painstaking days exploring the forest, along the banks of Ciliwung, they arrived at Cijantung that was occupied by 12 companies under their leader, Prajawangsa. It may be hard to imagine, how thick was the forest between Jatinegara and Cijantung in 1657, as compared to the current situation. Today Cijantung has become the name of a village, Cijantung Village, in the Sub-District of Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta Municipality.