Cibuaya, Situs

Located in  Cibuaya sub-Disrict, Karawang, West Java, it has its own uniqueness, as there were crosses of various religious cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. It was the first place where Vishnu Cibuaya I, II and III were discovered. These three areas have similarities with areas located in South India in the 7th century and 8th century. The equation is found in Pallawa art style, the type of stone used, the shape of the body, the shape and form of the area and the form of  its crown. Based on the discovery of the two areas, it is estimated that the center of government of Tarumanegara Kingdom  was in Cibuaya and thought to be the oldest temple complex in the island of  Java. The three areas that are now stored in the Museum of Jakarta.