A pop music legend. His full name was Chrismansyah Rahadi, born in Jakarta on 16 September 1949, the second of three brothers from Laurens Rahadi and Hana. Graduated from High School in 1967, he had the opportunity of studying at the First Year of Architectural Engineering and Third year in APP Trisakti, but he dropped out in both. Departing from his hobby, Chrisye initiated his career in music by joining the Sabda Nada Band in 1968, a band that was founded in 1966 with the initial formation of Ponco Sutowo, Gary Nasution, Joe-Am, Eddy, Edit, Roland and Keenan Nasution. Having short-lived, the group morphed into Gipsy in 1969 along with the change of personnel. Gipsy became one band from Jakarta that was well respected and had the most luxurious equipment of the day. In 1971-1972 year they flew to New York and played in the Ramayana Restaurant for about a year.


In 1977, Chrisye managed to popularize the song ‘Lilin-Lilin Kecil’ (Small Candles) composed by James F. Sundah and won the Youth Contest Prambors Songwriting Contest. One of his albums that manages to be classic is ‘Badai Pasti Berlalu’ (The Storm will surely Pass); ‘Sabda Alam’ (The Word of Nature) and almost all the albums released were popular and successful in the market. At the international level, Chrisye was awarded the First Prize in Enka Song Festival in 1986, held by Fuji TV. Tokyo, Japan.


In 1990 the video clips ‘Pergilah Kasih’ (Just Go Love) became the First Indonesia video clip to be aired on MTV Hong Kong. On 12 July 2003, Chrisye held a big concert with the arrangement of Erwin Gutawa (also as producer) with the title Dekade containing Indonesian legendary songs from various styles for almost 60 years-at JICC. And this time Chrisye really "shook" Jakarta, because he not only danced on stage, but also because of the presence of several top singers and musicians to accompany him singing, such as: Fariz RM, A. Rafiq, Sophia Latjuba and Arry Lasso. In October 2004, Chrisye   released his last album  ‘Senyawa’ (compound), which was a unique collaboration, in which he tried to become singer of a variety of top bands in the country, such as Peter Pan, Dewa, Ungu, Naif, etc.