Christine Hakim

Indonesian film star and producer. Born in Kuala Tungkal, Jambi, 25December, 1956. She was the fifth of six children. The first act was in First Love  (1973), of which the  film director was Teguh Karya. For this first film, she managed to be the best actress and won the Citra Cup. After that she completed four films at once, namely Atheist (1974, Sjumandjaja), Bed Suite (1974, Teguh Karya), Bandung Sea of Fire (Alam Surawidjaja) and Wedding Gown (1975, Bobby Sandy). Then acted  in the movie Invitation Letter (1975, Iskandar Ishak) and Eloped  (1975, Teguh Karya).

After that Christine completed various films by renowned directors and have won a total of six Citra Wards, among others, through the film Something Beautiful (FFI 1977), Beggar and the Pedicab Driver (FFI 1979), Sharp Gravels (FFI 1985) and Behind the Nets (FFI 1983). Her film that has been well-known even overseas is  Tjoet Nya’  Dien (1986) whose director was Eros Djarot. In this film she had to go through various challenges, in addition to being in the middle of a forest, she had to play the figure of the   national hero Tjoet Nya’ Dhien from young to old. In this movie she was paired with the actor Slamet Rahardjo Djarot.

Later she became a film producer, cooperating with Garin Nugroho,  and she also was the leading actrees in the film Leaves on Top of a Pillow.  This film won numerous awards at international level, which, among others,  made her elected members of the jury in the Fiftieth Cannes International Film Festival in France in 2002). In the field of culture, her contribution has lifted the good fame of the nation; she was honored with Bintang Budaya Jasa (Main Service Cultural Star) in 2003.