Christian Hadinata

An Indonesian badminton legend, a specialist of doubles players. Born in Purwokerto on 11 December, 1949, with the name Beng Tjhie Goat, the youngest son of a family of six children of Hadinata, a Christian elementary school teacher. He was actually more fond of football. Until the time he became a student of Sports College (STO) in Bandung in 1970, he still did not show any signs of having an outstanding talent. His fighting spirit did not show. He was gentle, calm, humble and reserved, nicknamed by the members of his club in Meutiara Badminton Club as pastor. Christian’s Gold Achievement was first printed in 1971 as a player of men's doubles and mixed doubles. In men's doubles he paired with Atik Jauhari, and they became the national champion and Asian Champion in mixed pairs with Retno Kustijah.


After that, with multiple partners, Christian could achieve his best performance such as with Adel Chandra (the 1978 Asian Games champion, 1972 and 1973 All England champion as well as the 1980 world champion). Together with Bobby Errant he was the All England champion in 1983 and Indonesia Open in 1981. Paired with Imelda Wigand won the All England 1979 and 1980 world champion. Together with Ivana Lie he was the champion in the 1982 Asian Games, the 1984 Indonesia Open, and the 1985 World Cup.  Throughout six appearances in Thomas Cup (1972-1986). Christian with his partner (whoever he or she is) always won. It was in this team that he had once a polyneuritis partner with Hadiwibowo and Liem Swie King.


In 1986, at the age of 37 years, he retired as a player and switched to a coach. From his hands emerged double players like Ricky Achmad Subagdja / Rexy Mainaky, Gunawan / Bambang Suprianto, and Denny Kantono / Antonius. Christian also helped shape Candra Wijaya / Sigit Budiarto, Tony Gunawan / Hahru Haryanto, with their partner combination won the gold medal at the 2000 Olympics and two world titles in 1997 and 2001, and provide a strong foundation for young players today. Indonesian Thomas Cup team victory in May 2002 in Guangzhou was more complete when the name of Christian was listed in the Hall of Fame, the highest honor for him in the world badminton. He was the third Indonesian, after Rudi Hartono and Sudirman who received similar award.