Chaulan, Gang

An alley in  Jakarta named for French businessman, A. Chaulan, whose original name wasSurleon Antonie, but due to difference in spelling was often called Chaulan. WithJJ Didero,  were the French contractors that in1828 purchased  the  Moenswijkpremises, at the time  among the rest houses  'far' outside the city. The name Moenswzjk was derived from its first owner , Adriaan Moens, a wealthy VOC director general. The two of them built the Hotel des
Indes, originally known as  Hotel Chaulan, Hotel de Provence (1835) to honour the owner’s region . ThenRotterdamsch Hotel (1854). The nameHotel des Indes  brought it to the peak of fame, and was inaugurated on  1 May1856. According toDr de Haan, writer of the book Oud Batavia, the new name was  the outcome of lobby between  the writerMultatuli and the hotel owner. The old city dwellers knew  Gang Chaulan by the name  JalanKemakmuran, which then changed to JalanHasyim Ashari, after the founder of  NU as well as grandfather of Gus Dur.