Cendi Luntungan

A jazz player, spesializing in drums. Born in Jakarta, August 14, 1963 with the full name CendirandusCornelis Luntungan. His talent for playing thedrums could already be seensince he was young, ashe liked poundingon anything. At the ageoffive, he began to explore thedrums from a Hawaiianband managed his father. He first joined a musical groupin 1969, with hisfather’smusical group, Kawanua Hawaiian Band. At that time he was only five years old. Because the group's drummer suddenlyfellill, hisfather asked Cendi to try playingthe drums. Ever sincethen,he became a member of the band and went on stagefor the first timeat the Jakarta Fair.

In 1974, he entered the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), and then attended the Yayasan Musik Indonesia (YMI) (The Indonesian Music Foundation) to study the drums and electone. He also studied musicaltheory at Bina Musika. He plays all kinds ofmusic, including dangdut and rock. In addition to playing bass and piano, he is also known to be a good classical-acoustic guitar player. He has played with the Orkes Simfoni Jakarta (Jakarta Symphony Orchestra). Jazz musicians who influence his drumplaying technique includeBilly Cobham, Steve Gadd, Dave Wakell, and Tony Williams.

Cendi joined the Jazz Riders in 1983 with Didi Chia (piano), Oele Pattiselanno (guitar), Perry Pattiselanno (bass), and Sutrisno (saxophone). The Jazz Riders was the first group to help shape Cendi into a jazz musician.Previously, he joined the group Nick Mamahit Combo. In 1986, together with Jack Lesmana, IndraLesmana, and Embong Rahardjo, Cendiappearedin the ASEAN Singapore Jazz Festival.