Cempaka Putih, Kecamatan

Part of the Central Jakarta Municipality covering an area of 468.69 ha. According to 2004 statistical data, the allotment of land area comprises housing 328.69 ha, industrial 27.04 ha, offices and warehouses 75.97 ha, parks 5.01 ha; farming 0 ha unused land 11.25; and others 20.72 ha.
Administratively the area comprises three sub-districts, 30 RW (community units), RT 373 (neighbourhood units), 18,556 households, 79,076 inhabitants, with a population density of 16,872/km2. The Cempaka Putih Sub-District consists of:
(a) Rawasari Urban Village (125 ha)
(b) East Cempaka Putih Urban Village (222 ha)
(c) West Cempaka Putih Urban Village (122 ha)
In this region, the Cempaka Putih Market can be found which is still traditional in nature, located in the Cempaka Putih area, Central Jakarta. This market is managed by PD Pasar Jaya. The front part of the market has been rejuvenated. Besides a variety of basic goods, clothing, electronics, shoes and other goods are also sold at The Cempaka Putih Market.