A toponym in East Jakarta, Kramatjati Sub-District, East Jakarta, which is said to originate from the name of a Malay lieutenant who served at the Kompeni (Dutch Colonial Company), named End Awang (Awang was probably a nickname for Anwar). Eventually the name Enci Awang became Cawang. Lieutenant Enci Awang was a subordinate of Captain Wan Abdul Bagus, who settled with his troops in the area now known as Kampung Melayu, South Jatinegara.

It is unclear, in 1759 according to De Haan, whether Cawang belonged to Pieter van den Velde, either partially or wholly, in addition to his other lands in East Tanjung, Groeneveld, Cikeas, Pondok Terong, Tanjungpriok, and Cililitan. In the early 20th century Cawang had become a talked about place because there resided a mystic martial arts fighter, named Sairin, aka Bapak Cungak. Sairin was accused by the Dutch colonial government of masterminding the riots in Tangerang in 1924. In addition, he was also accused of being involved in the Entong Gendut rebellion in Condet in 1916. Condet at the time was part of the Tanjung OOSI private estate.