Cavadino, Caw

With the full name Comad Alexader Willem Cavadino, owner of  Cavadino & Co., also manager of an inn at Sociteit Militer Concordia in Waterlooplein. In addition, he was also the treasurer of the Catholic Church wealth management institution in Batavia (1863-1870). His businesses included restaurants, cooking utensils, as well as convections (1863-1871). The Cavadino building is located at the corner of Rijswijk (Veterans Jl.) and Citadelweg (Jl. Veteran I). In front of the building there is a bridge known by the name Cavadino Bridge. The restaurant was then refurbished into a luxury building for the Cavadino Hotel (1872), while the shop was located in front of the hotel. Based on an advertisement in 1894, this shop offered a bonbon candy, chocolate, cosmetics, cigarettes, wine, beer, and liquor from the Netherlands, Havana, and Manila. In 1899, The Cavadino Hotel changed its name to Hotel du Lion d'Or. In  1941 it changed into Park Hotel, and in the mid-1950s its name changed  to Sriwijaya Hotel, a two star hotel  owned by the Indonesian Air Force. It is the oldest existing hotel in Jakarta, despite the changes and renovations on the building.