A famous national shipping company in the 1950s. At first they were only able to produce sailboats, motor boats and cargo ships for light loads. Developed further until they started to receive orders from the government, private airlines and also from foreign shipping companies, KP being among them, and was able to build ships weighing as much as 1,500 tons, and built 2 shipyards, where ships weighing more than 600 tons were repaired and cleaned. If the dock was completed, the Indonesian ships did not have to be sent abroad for repair. Carya was successful in building the first coaster ordered by the Yayasan Pelayaran Indonesia ( Indonesian Sailing Foundation) weighing 100 tons, with holding capacity of 54 passengers costing Rp. 1.260.000,- and was completed in approximately 9 months, and was named "Fatmawati".