Cakung, Kecamatan

Included in the East Jakarta Municipality region, it has an area of 4.247 ha. According to 2004 statistics, this vast land is allocated to a housing area of 1.923 ha; industrial area of 1.033 ha; other areas of 1.291 ha. Administratively, there are 7 villages, 83 RW, 923 RT, 213.972 people, 76.764 households, with a population density of 5.037 people/Km2.

Cakung sub-district consists of:

(a) Jatinegara Village (660 ha)
(b) Penggilingan Village (448 ha)
(c) Pulo Gebang Village (686 ha)
(d) Ujung Menteng Village (443 ha)
(e) Cakung Timur Village (981 ha)
(f) Cakung Barat Village (619 ha)
(g) Rawa Terate Village (410 ha)

Cakung River flows through this territory. This river was once the border of the Republic of Indonesia territory headquarters with the Allied Forces. The Republic of Indonesia controlled the east side of the river, which must be maintained. While the Allied Forces, based on basic laws of war controlled the west side of the river until Jakarta. The border of these two territories was connected by a bridge.