Cai, Nyonya

Wife of Captain Tamien Dosol Seeng (Tschoa), who founded the Kebon Jeruk Mosque (1786) which is located at Jl. Hayam Wuruk. The grave of Madam Cai is located behind the Kebon Jeruk Mosque. On her tombstone there are Chinese characters, dates and letters in Arabic, a headstone oriented towards Mecca decorated with dragon heads and other Chinese ornaments. This headstone marks the uniqueness of the Kebon Jeruk mosque. There is mention, that Madam Cai, wife of Mr. Tsehoa is peranakan, which means not an Indonesian descendent but born in Indonesia. Mr. Tschoa also called Captain Tamien Dosol Seeng headed the Chinese Muslims between 1780-1797. In the 18th century all the Muslim Chinese were called Peranakan Chinese by the Dutch Colonial government (Kumpeni Belanda). The nickname was to facilitate the tax officials to levy taxes from the Chinese people. Chinese citizens who entered Islam were also separated from other Chinese people.