Batavia, Distrik


A government system or administrative management in Batavia based on Staatsblad 1908 No. 79 dividing into two, which was Batavia district and distrik Weltevreden. Each district oversaw an onderdistrik. Batavia district supervised Manggabesar, Penjaringan, and Tanjung Priok onderdistrik. Whereas distrik Weltevreden supervised Gambir, Senen, and Tanah Abang onderdistrik. Meanwhile, each onderdistrik supervised several villages. There were 27 villages. The head of each district was a village headman called wedana, while Manggabesar onderdistrik andGambir onderdistrik was under the authority of and managed by the assistant to the wedana. Governing power over the district officer was in the hands of the governor in terms of politioneel or Batavia police authority, also including Meester Camelis dividing into 2 afdeeling with each one divided into 3 and 4 sections.