Balfas, M

Muhammad bin Salim Balfasis a poet, and a post independence Betawi writer who is betterknown asa writer of prose. Born in Jakarta, December 25, 1922 and died in Jakarta, June 6, 1975. He recieved a MULO (Dutch Junior High School) education and studieddrama in the Netherlands (1954). He was editor of the magazines Masyarakat (1946-1947), Gema Suasana(1948-1950), Siasat(1954), Kisah(1954-1956), and Sastra(1961).

His first short story titled "Anak Revolusi" “Children of the Revolution” was published in the Gema Suasanamagazine and together with his other short stories was collected in theanthology Lingkaran-lingkaran Retak(Fractured Circles)(1952). He had worked at the Radio Malaysia (1957-1967), then moved to the University of Sydney to teach Indonesian language and literature (1967-1973). Another one of his books is titled Retak (novel, 1965). He produced a drama script titled Tamu Malam. He also wrote a biography of Dr. Tjipto Mangunkusumo, in addition to children stories titled Suling Emas (The Golden Flute) and Anak-Anak Kampung Jambu(The Children of Jambu Village). His poems “Dengan Tengkorak” "The Skull" and “Sketsa” "Sketches" was published in the Pujangga Baru(New Poet) magazine.