Bakri Siregar

He was born in Langsa, Aceh, 14 December 1922 and passed away in Jakarta, 19 June 1994. He once was the daily editor of Pendorong (Medan), the magazine editor of Arah (Medan), an Indonesian language lecturer at Warsawa University, Poland (1956-1957), and finally became a professor Modern Indonesian Literary History in Beijing University, RRC (1959-1962). He was also a member of Pimpinan Pusat Lekra (1959-1965), the Chairman of Lembaga Sastra Lekra (-1965), and after G30S exploded, he was also captured (until 1977). His works: Jejak Langkah (kc, 1953), Saijah dan Adinda (d, an adaptation of [removed][removed] Multatuli, 1954), Sejarah Sastra Indonesia Modern I (1964), and "Angkatan-Angkatan dalam Sastra Indonesia" (manuscript).