Bakar Menyan

This religious ceremony is part of mask shows in Jakarta. A famous person in this line of work is Pong Hanif. Since 1951, he worked in this line, which his family did from generation to generation. This duty could not be given to anyone else, but your own child.   

The "incense burning" performance was carried out before the show started and no beating was allowed. Before beginning to play music, permission was asked to the “owner” or ancestral spirits around the venue and also those far away. Without permission, the show could have had some disturbances such as a performer would fall ill, pass it on to the celebrant and possibly to the audience.   

Incense burning also means to read prayers intended for ancestral spirits who have passed away or for ancestors. Offerings are presented in seven types of salads and flowers, banana or a bunch, 1-10 liters of rice, young coconut, kitchen seasoning as well as several types of drinks such as black coffee, sweet coffee, black tea, and also sweet tea. All offerings were placed near the gong, because this is where it was considered to be the safest. Then the incense burning ceremony was carried out.