Or burning is a customary habit often carried out by the old Betawi community. This habit was carried out to welcome the visit of the groom-to-be who would visit the home of his future in-laws to greet each other during Ramadan or Hari Raya Idul Fitri. Usually, the youngsters who knew about the visit of the groom-to-be to the home of the bride-to-be would welcome the groom by throwing lit fireworks. On the other side, the groom-to-be who already knew about this form of welcoming would be prepared by bringing several bodyguards who were not afraid of fireworks.    

As the fireworks were thrown in the direction of the groom-to-be, his bodyguards would quickly react: ward off and kick the fireworks that came in the direction so that he would arrive safely at the door. After reaching the door, the throwing of fireworks stopped. Then when it was crowded, the fireworks would be thrown, lots of cheering would be made by the thrower or even by those watching on the side of the street. Whereas the bodyguards would be busy with their tasks. After the event was over, the visitor and welcomer would forgive each other. And after being treated to food and cake, the groom-to-be would go home together with his bodyguards without any fireworks being thrown at their direction.