A traditional game that contains supernatural elements, similar to games like Jaelangkung which will also be explained below. The Badomba game requires a diviner and a child who serves as the "sheep". How to play: The charmer is sitting in a high ground, the "sheep" sits on the ground, leaning on the charmer. The charmer pinches the neck of the "sheep" so that the head of the "sheep" pokes out between the legs of the charmer. The charmer puts his hands on the head of the "sheep" while shaking it. The children sing in unison verses / spells over and over again so that the "sheep" gets up and gets in a rampage. While saying the phrase: Badomba-domba/Kecetol bo'ol.

After the sheep runs amok, the kids give any command to the sheep, and the sheep will abide. For example: "Sheep, breed sheep", the "sheep" will mimic copulation. The sheep will stop its rampage when the charmer calls its real name. By saying: Ja'elangkung / Ja'elangkung. Ja'elangkung, or Jelangkung, is a puppet made from a water dipper that has been given clothes. The Jaelangkung's hand is made ‌‌of bamboo and has a piece of chalk tied to the ends, the the charmer holds a board 1e for the jaelangkung to write on. Jelangkung is a medium for summoning a demon. The way to call one is to read the following mantra: Jaelangkung, jaelangsi / Coba datang ke sini (Try coming here). If the jaelangkung is possessed by a lost spirit, the "hands" will move. Then there is dialogue between the children and the jaelangkung. Jelangkung replies by writing on the board 1e.