Badik Cangkingan

A traditional weapon of the Betawi people that looks similar to a rencong (Aceh weapon) and badik (Makasar weapon). Its parts consist of a hard wooden or ivory handle, a silver, bronze or gold ring, and a frame and cover. These two parts are usually made of hard wood that has been beautifully carved. The last part is a dagger blade made of a mixture of iron and steel.   

According to its name “cangkingan”, this weapon was usually brought along by slipping it into pants or in a cover. This weapon was used for attacks from time to time and was used more frequently as a symbol of pride, particularly if the ring was made of gold. Nowadays, badik cangkingan is often used as an accessory, particularly for grooms during a wedding ceremony. Because of this, the weapon is generally kept by the bride’s make up artist.