Badan Musyawarah Kebudayaan Nasional (bmkn)

The National Culture Consultative Body was formed by the Culture Conference in Jakarta in 1950 as an Indonesian Culture Institution; Ever since the congress in Bandung in 1952, its name has been changed to BMKN. The next congress was held in Solo (1954), and Bandung (1960). It is a non-political organization subsidized by the government. This organization pays direct attention to art and has become a control for culture, because its main objective is to develop national culture by providing guidelines. Its membership includes 120 art associations in Java, Sumatra, and Kalimantan, including Taman Siswa School, Yogyakarta Fine Arts Academy (ASRI) as well as regional foundations. Individual membership in BMKN is more concentrated in Jakarta. The individual members comprise of intellectuals, authors, journalists, writers, painters, doctors, legal experts as well as musicians.   

BMKN is more of a private group and organization that generally pays attention to art and knowledge as well as competitive ideologies. BMKN’s achievements particularly lie in the promotion of contemporary arts. BMKN has also donated writing materials to be used by the mass media, radio, daily newspapers or magazines as well as sponsored art classes in Galeri Balai Budaya. This organization has given literary prizes to Indonesian authors. Its last address was Jl. Gereja Theresia 47, Central Jakarta.