Badan Keamanan Rakyat (bkr)

A corps of armed fighters, it aimed to guarantee general security, which in the beginning was part of the War Victims Family Aid Organization founded in Jakarta on 20 August 1945. This organization voluntarily worked together with the people and government. It can be said that its role was parallel to the role of a social organization. The establishment of BKR was inaugurated in the speech of President Sukarno on 23 August 1945. In the course of its history, BKR became an organization that had an important role in the community. The people working in the organization came from PETA, Heiho, the Police, Seinendan, Keibodan, KNIL, and other organizations.    

BKR was best utilized as a forum for the struggle of the Indonesian people. However, it turned out that the establishment of BKR, which only served to maintain safety and public order in each region, invited discontent among the youth. They wanted to form a national army. The realization of their discontent then led to the forming of a paramilitary troop of which its members consisted of youngsters who were part of the Japanese era “bawah tanah” organization. In Jakarta, this organization was integrated in Komite van Alesi, a combination of several youth organizations.