Badai Pasti Berlalu

Originally a serial titled Badai Pasti Berlalu (BPB)(The Storm Will Pass) written by Marga T that was published in Kompas daily from June 5, 1972 to September 2 1972. The romance of Leo and Siska apparently attracted the interest of many readers because of Marga T's expert storytelling. BPB was then published as a novel by PT Gramedia in March 1974 and was again a bestseller in the market. 24 000 novels were sold at a fairly expensive price for that time, at Rp 800.00 per book.

Popularity as a serial and novel continued through the next three years. The director Teguh Karya showed interest and made a 112-minute film in 1977 with the same title. BPB starred, among others, Christine Hakim, Roy Marten, Slamet Rahardjo, and Mieke Wijaya. For music illustration, this film produced by PT Suptan Film was entrusted to Eros Djarot. In the Festival Film Indonesia event (Indonesia Film Festival), BPB acquired the Piala Citra (Citra Cup) for editing, photography, sound editing and music in FFI 1978, Ujung Pandang. BPB also won the 1979 FFI Antenas Cup as the largest grossing film from 1978 to 1979 and as the second best-selling film in Jakarta with an audience of 212,551 persons.

Later on the musical illustration that was originally in parts adapted to film images BPB, was actually considered very good. This inspired Eros to ask Yockie and Chrisye to compose them into nine songs: Pelangi (Rainbow), Merpati Putih (White Dove), Matahari (The Sun), Serasa (Feeling), Merepih Malam (Silent Night), Baju Pengantin (Wedding Dress), Cintaku (My Love), Badai Pasti Berlalu (The Storm Will Pass), and an instrumental track E & C & Y (Eros & Tim Christensen & Yockie). In 1977, a BPB recording by Eros, Chrisye and Yockie plus Berlian Hutauruk was made. Which means  that it is a quarter of a century old, definitely a magnum opus or highest work or greatest achievement for an artist. BPB became massive not only in creative terms, but also from aspects of cassette sales turnover as an industrial product.