Air Mancur Monas

After its construction in 1974, the Monas fountain was not operated for a long time and left alone in a dirty and unmaintained condition. In 2004, Governor Sutiyoso turned on the Monas fountain, equipping it with laser beams during the water screen show. As the largest city park in South East Asia with an area of 100ha, Monas Fountain is an important part of the National Monument Park. It is expected to generate socio-historical value, city image, social entertainment, and tourism value. 

Linked to a private party, the renovation lasted for three months, utilizing Rp 26 billion in expenses. Because it did not use the regional budget in its construction, the Provincial Government provided compensation in the form of 31 billboards to the company. The construction process covered civil servants, mechanics, electricians, landscaping, fountain work, laser systems, support services, increase in electrical power.  

Constructed with four tribunes and two plazas on top of an area of 3.2 ha, the Monas fountain park is estimated to accommodate more than 1,000 people. It has an electrical power of 1.6 mega watts used to power 321 nozzles, 41 pumps, 717 under water light sets. MIB used OASE services, an aqua media system/musical fountain company from Germany, to display the beauty of fountains in 14 configurations. To add to the beauty, Monas park also plays with lighting, wrapped in alternating red lights, beams, green lights and purple lights both for fountain play and Monas monument physical.