Acare Ngerik, Upacara

One of the ritual steps in a wedding ceremony, where fine hairs growing around the forehead/eyebrows, temples, nape of the neck and neck of the bride is shaved off. The tools used include: a piece of white cloth measuring 2 meters, an assortment of flowers, water mixed with roses and jasmine, incense burners, incense / gaharu, razors, two coins, a container of betelnut, adequate henna, a basket (filled with rice, herbs, bananas, salt, pink limestone paste (kapur sirih), betel nut ingredients) Betawi traditional cakes, a small pillow and given a banana leaf that has been carved to be used as a base for the hands when applying the henna. After removing the fine hairs from the bride, the tukang piare (the bride’s beauty expert) will make a centung (potong centung)on a lock of hair on both sides of the bride’s cheeks (temples,sideburns) (cutting and shaping a lock of the brides hair on both sides of her temples/ cheeks into an artistic shape) using the coins to hold the hair. This is done so that the bride recieves blessings and signifies that the woman has become a new bride.