Abdurrahman Surjomihardjo

He was a fighter, educator and a historian who was born in Tegal, Central Java, 19 September 1929. When the revolution broke out, he also fought. After the proclamation, he joined TKR in Pekalongan as a Special Military Police, until he was laid off because of no junior high school education.   

Motivated by his desires to study, he enrolled in a junior high school in Tegal. He formed Tentara Pelajar. Then he attended SMTA Taman Siswa, Jakarta, and furthered his studies at the Faculty of English Literature at the National University. From UNAS, he moved to FSUI majoring in ancient studies. Then he moved to Modern History. He graduated in 1961 and three years later was on duty at the Science Council of Indonesia. He has also conducted modern history research in the Netherlands. After 21 days only, the 1965 event erupted. Six months later, he had to return home.  

A number of his writings have been published into books. Among others, Development History of Jakarta (1977), National Building and Historiography Issues (1979), Betawi Branch Budi Utomo (1980). Apart from that, his writing can also be read in books. It can be seen in the Press History Development in Indonesia (1980), the first Indonesia youth Congress Report in Jakarta, 1928 (1981).

Abdurrachman wrote articles on education history. For example, he wrote about the first attempts in school in the 19th century (1978), Student’s Park in the Movement Wave and National Demands (1980), History Teachers that are Hoped for (1978), and Improving the Quality of the Student’s Park (1980). He once suffered from a liver problem. This father of 3 remained active in his industry. He passed away in Jakarta, 14 December 1994, and was buried in Tanah Kusir, Jakarta.