Abdul Kadir

He is one of the national football legends. He was born in Denpasar (Bali) on 27 December 1948. National football fans knew Kadir as a left wing player who was a strong player in the national team from 1965-1978. He was part of the national team when the team was coached by a Yugoslavian, Tony Pogacnik, Endang Witarsa, Djamiat Dhalhar, and a Dutch coach, Wiel Coerver. He was also part of the national team when they won Piala Raja (1968), Merdeka Games (1969) and Pesta Sukan Singapura (1972). Kadir was also part of the national team that was the runner up at Piala Presiden Korsel (1970-1972).

Abdul Kadir possesses an excellent football technique, no less than the world player of the same era, Pele. This football star from Brazil once played in Dtama Senayan Stadium together with Santos Club in June 1972 and was at the peak of his game after bringing Brazil to victory in the 1970 World Cup. After the friendly match was won by Santos by 3-2, Pele was invited to TVRI to perform some football acrobats. The national player that Pele requested for to assist him was Abdul Kadir, who received the nickname “The Deer” because of his agility in manoeuvring the white round ball on the green fields.   

This left wing player reached his golden era in the early 1970s together with his peers such as Sutjipto Soentoro, Ronny Pati nasarani, Jacob Sihasale, Iswadi Idris, Judo Hadijanto, and Anwar Ujang. He once received the opportunity to pass on his skills to young players when he was together with his peers, M Basri and Iswadi Idris, who were appointed as national team coaches. Trio “Basiska” who were responsible for carrying the national team fought at the 1990 World Cup qualifications. However, they did not really succeed. His presence on the field succumbed to his own body as he suffered from kidney failure. He had to receive kidney dialysis twice a week at RSCM. Finally, he passed away in Jakarta on 4 April 2003 and left behind a wife and four children as well as grandchildren.