Abdul Hadi W.m

Born in Sumenep, Madura, June 24, 1946. Studied Literature at UGM baccalaureate level (1965-1967), then studied Western philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy at the same university until doctoral level (1968-1971), studied anthropology at the Literature Faculty, Padjadjaran University (not finished, 1971-1973) , and finally earned a Doctorate from University Sains Malaysia (1996). Was an editor of Gema Mahasiswa (Student's Echo) (UGM publications, 1967-1969), editor of Mahasiswa Indonesia, West Java edition (1971-1973), managing editor of the Budaya Jaya magazine (1978), cultural news editor of Berita Buana (1978), a member of the Jakarta Arts Council (1982) , and editor of Balai Pustaka (1981-1983) and lecturer at the University Sains Malaysia.

In 1973/1974 he attended the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA, in 1974 followed the International Poets Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the Poetry International in London, England. His poem, "Madura", won praise from the editors of Horizon magazine in 1968: a collection of poems, Meditasi (Meditation) (1976), received the Best Poetry Book Prize DKJ 1976/1977; in 1979 he received a prize from Indonesia's Ministry of Education and Culture, and in 1985 he obtain the ASEAN Literature Prize.

Other collections of his poems: Laut Belum Pasang (The Sea Has Not Yet Risen) (1971), Cermin (Mirror) (1975), Potret Panjang Seorang Pengunjung Pantai Sanur (Long Portrait of a Sanur Beach Visitor) (1975), Tergantung Pada Angin (Depending on the Wind) (1977) and Anak Laut Anak Angin (Child of the Sea Child of the Wind)(1983). His poems (together with poems from Darmanto Jt. and Sutardji Calzoum Bachri appeared in Harry Aveling (ed.) in English, Arjuna in Meditation (Calcutta, 1976). His other works: Sastra Sufi: Sebuah Antologi (Sufi Literature: An Anthology) (ed., 1985) and Kembali ke Akar Kembali ke Sumber (Back to the Roots Back to the Source) (to 1999). In addition, he also did many translations: Rumi: Sufi dan Penyair (Rumi: Sufi and Poet) (1985), Pesan Dari Timur (Message From the East) (ks, Mohammad Iqbal, 1985), Kumpulan Sajak Iqbal : Pesan Kepada Bangsa-Bangsa Timur (Iqbal's Collection of Poems: A Message to Eastern Nations (1985), Kehancuran dan Kebangunan: Kumpulan Puisi Jepang (Ruin and Revival: a Collection of Japanese Poetry) (1987).