Abdul Aziz

A master teacher of Beksi blows play. Born in Kampung Rawa Lindung, South Petukangan, June 17, 1974. His father's name is Saadih and mother is Siti Zahriah Saadih. He is the second out of three children. He started learning Beksi in 6th grade. His first teacher was Miftahul Jannah, until the Tingkes Stance. At the age of 15 he started to learn from Kong Nur, and learnt from scratch. After that he was encouraged by Nur Kong to learn again from Tonganih (son of Kong Nur).

With Tonganih he received many extra studies outside Beksi moves. For example, he was taught to practice isim-isim be it isim (amulet) originating from Qur'aniyah or from Kejawokan (Javanese) sources. Since the age of 19, Abdul Aziz had begun teaching Beksi.