Abas Alibasyah

Born in Purwakarta, West Java, in 1928. Known as a painter and educator. Studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts (ASRI) Yogyakarta, 1950-1956, several years later continued his studies in the Netherlands. His interest in fine arts blossomed when he entered Bunka Keimin Shidoso in Bandung, and met with the painters Barli, Hendar Gunawan and Sudjana Kerton.

As a painter, he received prestigious prizes, for example, in 1974 received the best painting in the National Art Biennale, Jakarta Arts Council and the studio of the Gods (Sanggar Dewata), received RI Arts Award 1985 and the Cultural Award Scheme from the Australian government in 1977. As an educator in various schools and art colleges.  Started with tutoring in Taman Siswa Ibu Pawiyatan Yogyakarta (Pawiyatan School Yogyakarta) teaching in Stella Duce High School and Padmanaba Yogyakarta.

In many of his paintings, Abas uses environmental themes: Pasar Senen remains (Senen Market remains) masks and ethnic objects, landscapes and experimental works.