Abadi Soesman

His full name is Mochammad Soesman Abadi. Born in Solo, January 3, 1949. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Malang, with his parents, dr. Soesman. He learned to play classical piano at the age of five, then played music freely with Lim Kok Wa, a jazz pianist in Malang, who later founded the band Nada Varia.

Abadi appeared in the band for the first time, along with his brother, on April 1 1960 in a show in Malang. In those days, jazz music was blooming. It was noted that there was a band called Bhineka Ria, with lead pianist and guitarist Pattirani Didi, with other members: Jusmin, Lodi Item (Item Jopie's father), Dullah Suweileh, Hasan Umar, Max LIPI, Awat Suweileh, and singer Bob Tutupoli. This group was the winner of the band festival throughout Indonesia at that time.

In preparation for the Jack Lemmers musical at the Kenjeran building in Surabaya, a young Abadi was amazed to see the guitar that Jack was playing at the time. When the guitar was lying on the ground, Abadi was moved to hold it. But, before he could touch it, he was startled by a shouting Jack with bulging eyes. Later on, after many years Jack Lemmers who later became Jack Lesmana became one of his teachers.

Abadi Soesman joined the Jack Lesmana Combo, and participated in several performances, accompanying recordings for Margie Segers, Rien Djamain, and Broery Pesulima. Jack Lesmana then moved to Australia - this event was celebrated with a farewell concert, Farewell Jazz Party, held at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta in the early 1980's, featuring all the Indonesian jazz figures and groups. After the departure of Jack Lesmana, Abadi formed Trio ABC (short for Abadi Soesman, Benny Likumahua, and Candra Darusman). This trio held a show at Taman Ismail Marzuki.

In the early 1980's, Abadi Soesman Big Band was formed with members Abadi Soesman (keyboards), Benny Likumahua (bass), Dullah Suweileh (percussion), Romi (drums), and Marwan, Lunggo, Didiet, and Narso (brass and reed section). The group made a jazz recording with Atlantic Records producers, but was never released. Abadi Soesman also joined the group The Pro's and God Bless. He was also an active board member of the Indonesian Jazz Association. Abadi ignited Beatle's Mania, along with the Bharata Band who later became a trend in stage shows in various cities in Indonesia.